A DIY Guide to Feminist Cybersecurity

The other day, Tumblr introduced me to this really useful website: A DIY Guide to Feminist Cybersecurity. It's explicitly designed for people who talk about feminism online, who can be easy targets for online harassment and doxxing, but really, it's a useful guide for anybody who wants to use the internet more securely with steps beyond "use good passwords."

I've been thinking a lot recently about all the problems with the Internet as we currently use it, from both a harassment/safety perspective and user psychology/mental health perspective, and this kind of security won't protect from all of those types of problems... but it's good to be informed on things like data mining and tech vulnerability, and to know at least a few basic steps to protect yourself as you conduct your whole life online. At least, it might stop those creepy ads that follow you from device to device for days after you Google something once.