Too Much To Read

Do you guys ever get, like, media anxiety? I was sitting and musing about how I was going to spend my evening, and suddenly, it was like an avalanche of wtf. I've been rewatching Gilmore Girls, and I'm almost done with S6, but I've seen Gilmore Girls before, and I'm also halfway through a long Chinese drama, but I also only watched three episodes of Series of Unfortunate Events so far, oh, and that documentary on North Korea is only half-watched, and I'm only 40 minutes into the OJ Simpson documentary, and I've got a long list of review copies of books to read, but this other book is due back at the library soon, and I've been meaning to read THIS for a while, and have you seen how many unplayed games I have in my Steam library, but I kinda want to replay Skyrim, oh and start a new farm on Stardew Valley, except how can I have time when I haven't finished Pokemon Sun, and and and and...


Isn't entertainment supposed to be, you know, fun? I feel like I need an organisational chart to meet all my story-consumption goals. And that's not very relaxing. Even my Youtube To Watch playlist feels like it's gotten out of hand. There's just too much!

Meanwhile, right now kitty!Hermione is under my chair, mauling her toy mouse. I bet she never gets anxiety over which toy to murder next.

I'm always like, "Well, maybe if you didn't waste so much time, you'd get through all this!", but I reeeally don't think entertainment is supposed to be this stressful. And the one thing that was good for destressing with this stuff was donating all of the books in my to-read pile (accumulated over years and years) and not letting myself buy any more books or games unless I planned to read or play them immediately. It's a hard rule to stick to sometimes, but it's sooo much less stressful.

So. Destressing steps! First, making Netflix not a place of horror. You can't remove shows from your "continue watching" list, but you can go into your user settings and delete the series from your viewing history, which takes them off that list too. I'm watching Gilmore Girls and my Chinese drama, depending on my mood. Done. A quick sweep-up of library books into a tote bag to return tomorrow, minus the one I'm actually currently reading (there were 7 extra ones, all on three week loan). I can reborrow them later. A purge of my Youtube To Watch list, accepting that things I added more than a couple of days ago will now never be seen. And a couple of deep breaths while accepting that none of this is required. This is not a race to watch and read and play everything so I have nothing left to do except stare into space, knowing I've finally achieved 100% desired media consumption.

And now that I've spent my evening overthinking things instead of actually reading, watching or playing any of these things, I think I'm just going to go to sleep. So, all in all, a productive night. :P