One day to go!

Long May She Reign comes out tomorrow. Help?

Releasing a book is a really weird experience. Because of how publishing works, I finished editing Long May She Reign over a year ago. I last read it in August, when I did the final look through for typos and errors (and my mom has already told me she's found a typo in the finished book. Thanks, mom). There's something very strange about finishing off a book, waiting a year, and then having it go out into the world for people to read. You're talking about it like it's this BRAND NEW THING, but by the time a book hits the shelves, you've already spent a substantial amount of time working on the next thing, if you haven't already finished it. So I'm really, really excited that you guys are finally going to meet Freya, but it's hard to wrap my mind around the idea that she's only just going out into the world.

And I guess it's like any project -- before you do it, it has all this potential. It could turn out great. People could like it. You could meet your own expectations (unless you're an insane perfectionist, oops). But when you actually complete the project, all of that stops being hypothetical. It is, or it isn't. And I feel like I'm standing on the edge of that right now, like, "Um, maybe I'll just go and hide in a cave for a month."

But it's also really, really exciting to dive back into thinking about this story and this world, and getting to reflect on what I actually wanted to achieve with the book, now that all the messiness of actually writing it is long past. I'm getting to think about why I wrote Freya the way I did -- why I made her insecure, why she's so judgey at the start of the book, why I chose to have her struggle with social anxiety. I'm thinking about why I chose to make a fantasy novel that is driven by science, not magic, and all the fun I had researching science for the book. Writing a book can get so messy and emotional that you lose sight of what you're actually trying to do, and I feel like release day is one of the few times where you get to think about it and go, "Yeah, actually, that was the right book to write."

It's a weird, weird transition, and I'm going to be very relieved once tomorrow comes and all that anticipation ends. I just really hope you all enjoy the book when that happens!