Gotta Catch Em All!

Well, Gen 2 Pokemon just appeared in Pokemon Go. Goodbye, life and productivity. Hello, hours of "exercise" and running around town staring at my phone.

I can't help it. I know Pokemon Go isn't exactly the most well-made game in the world, but god, it's so addicting. I love collecting stuff. I love that rush you get when you can add something new to the collection, especially if it's been something you've been searching for for a while. I love the neatness of a completed checklist, a perfect set. But real life collections have the double problem that they cost actual money, and you end up with loads of junk that takes up all the room in your house. But Pokemon Go is FREE, it doesn't take up space, and all you have to do is walk around. Plus I get such a rush at seeing the Pokedex fill up, especially when I manage to complete a whole row. And Pokemon are darn cute too.

But, you know. It's a game of diminishing returns. It gets less fun the more Pokemon you have. It's so frustrating to play and not find anything you're looking for. Recently, I've been playing it every couple of weeks or so, when the spawns have shifted and I can usually catch a couple of things I need, or during special events (thanks, Valentine's Day, for finally getting me that Clefable). But now? New Pokemon everywhere! Loads of unknown critters on the scanner. It took me more than twice as long to walk to the coffee shop to write this morning, because I kept having to stop and play.

Basically, it's the perfect distraction for my pre-Long May She Reign release jitters. If only the servers would stop crashing, so I could actually play. :P