Blogmas #24: Rogue One

I finally saw it! Mega spoilers below.

EVERYBODY DIED. Everybody. I got the sense that it was a pretty bleak movie, from people's reactions, but I wasn't expecting everyone to die. Basically, if you weren't around in Episode IV, you weren't making it out of this one alive. And I think that did fit the tone of the movie, but it also sucks, because I really liked Jyn and Cassian. "Actually, they lived!" fanfic AU, anyone?

That said, I really, really enjoyed the movie, more than I was expecting to. I thought it was generally a really well-paced and exciting movie, and the cinematography was excellent. That moment where Darth Vader lit up his lightsaber? The destructive cloud barreling towards Jyn and Cassian over the water, while they waited? So, so good.

I have to wonder, though, what all the people calling the existence of Jyn "feminist propaganda" would do if they saw an actually feminist movie. I'm going to do an actual, proper review of this on Feminist Fiction, but gee, there sure weren't many women beyond the protagonist among the main cast, were there?

Also, this movie felt super political. I doubt it was intended to have any connection to our real world, beyond vague themes, but the contemplation of what people need to do against oppression... it definitely had me thinking about recent events.

Honestly, based entirely on my gut reaction response, I'd probably give the movie a nine out of ten. I didn't love it like I loved The Force Awakens, but that was an intense level of movie love. This, meanwhile, was interesting and compelling, with moments that I'll be thinking about for a while yet.

Maybe not the most seasonally-appropriate choice for a Christmas Eve movie, though. All that death did kind of put a dampener on the festive spirit.