Blogmas #21: Never Alone

Oh my god, guys. I just started playing this game, and it is absolutely magical. It's one of the most beautiful games I've ever seen. The game is based on a traditional Inupiaq story about a young girl and her snow fox companion, searching for the source of a never-ending blizzard that's endangering her people. The whole game is a collaboration between the Cook Inlet Tribal Council in Alaska and the first indigenous-owned game developer in the US.

It's a puzzle platformer, where you control both the girl and the fox, but as you progress in the story, you also unlock brief videos that teach you about the Inupiaq people and their culture, stories and traditions.

And it's absolutely beautiful.  I mean, look at it!

I'm not that far into the game yet, but it's completely stunning. Add in the oral storytelling aspect and the amazing video clips, and I already love it so much. I will definitely be writing about this on Feminist Fiction in the new year, once I've finished the game, but for now, I'm just enchanted.