Blogmas #12: Thoughts while finishing a draft

original 1.  I should really stop guessing chapter numbers when I'm editing. They are never right. No book needs five chapter eights. They're not even all next to each other.

2. I tried to go to the Disney Store to buy myself a cuddly Pua as a reward for finishing the book. Except I hadn't finished the book yet. I just wanted a Pua. I reasoned that I could sit him next to me at Starbucks, and have him watch me all judging until I finished.

The Disney Store are out of stock. Should be getting more tomorrow. So that's a sign that I shouldn't buy the reward before I finish the work, right? Or is it just a sign I should buy one of the giant £40 ones? I mean, it has been a difficult year...

3. Not saying I'm getting overemotional or anything, but I am Moana came up on shuffle, and I may have started crying. I might need more sleep. But it's so good.

4. Titles are hard. Why are titles so hard? Is there some sort of title fairy I can ask for help? Maybe I could make a dark bargain with a witch in exchange for some ideas?

5. I basically have nothing left on my to-do list to tackle, but I'm still sitting here and blogging instead of sending the book off, because SCARY. Maybe I'll just do a Buzzfeed quiz instead.