Blogmas #10: Smaller Youtuber Recs

I'm having a lounging-on-the-couch-watching-Youtube kind of evening (kind of weekend, to be honest), and I thought, while I vegged out, I'd share some of my favourite Youtube channels that people might not have heard of. I'll be honest. By "smaller Youtubers", I mean "under 250k subscribers," because I don't follow anywhere near enough actually small Youtubers to make a list. But still. These are not the Pewdiepies and Dans and Phils of the Youtube world. They're mid-sized at most, and they are very deserving of your time and attention.

ASMR Rooms

This channel is amazing. It's basically Harry Potter-themed ambient sounds, with animations to match. So you can choose any of the common rooms, the Hogwarts Library, the Great Hall, the Burrow... and if you're not feeling the Harry Potter vibe, there are also Lord of the Rings themed ones and Game of Thrones ones (if you find that calming, for some reason?). It's the perfect background noise when writing or studying, or just when you're feeling stressed out.


BananaJamana is an unbelievably talented artist. She does lots of Disney and fandom-themed art, and omg, she'd so good. How is it possible to paint this well? Not a tutorial channel, but a "watch her create art and gape in astonishment" one, and I love it.

Bry and Candice

Bry is a musician, Candice is an aspiring writer. Together, they aim to visit every country in the world. In between those vlogs, they talk about life, mental health, social justice, and all sorts of good stuff. They've been taking a bit of a break recently while Bry toured with Twenty One Pilots, but they're definitely a good channel to watch.

Cheap Lazy Vegan

Full of easy recipes and lifestyle tips for people considering veganism and in need of some help. It turns veganism from an impossible-seeming challenge to something straight-forward, delicious and fun. It's a total lifesaver.

Kathryn Morgan

Kathryn Morgan used to be a soloist with the New York City Ballet, before health problems forced her to take a long break in her career. Now she does guest roles in different companies, teaches dance, and also has this Youtube channel, where she talks about life as a professional dancer, general lifestyle things, and (best of all, I think) offers free lessons and barre workouts for beginners and experienced dancers alike.

Maisie Peters

Maisie Peters is a Youtube musician with a gorgeous voice and lots of talent. She doesn't upload all that often, but she's great, and she deserves way more than her 20k subscribers.

Outside Xtra

This is a pretty new channel, and a spinoff of the British gaming channel Outside Xbox, for all non-Xbox games. It has great hosts and is loads of fun, with some great gameplay videos, weekly themed lists, and lots of gaming news and chat.


This is the vlogging channel of Sharla in Japan, a Canadian girl who has lived in Japan for ten years now, and works both as a travel vlogger and as an official translator and English coach for actors in Japanese TV shows and movies. Her cats are adorable, her vegan recipes and tips are great (especially about surviving as a vegan in Japan), she does the cutest hauls, and her vlogs around Tokyo are always a lot of fun. She also talks about being a foreigner in Japan and various issues there. Just generally an all-around great channel to watch.