Blogmas #1: It's December!

Blogmas! It's like vlogmas, only not. A super catchy tag-line there, huh? But you get the idea. A blog post every day of December, leading up to Christmas. Like vlogmas, but without all that filming and editing and uploading and having to have a presentable face and stuff.

Both my blogs have been super quiet this year. Thanks to a whole mix of things, I've been unable to write full stop, or unable to write and find the energy blog, for most of 2016, and opening a blank blog page is like, "Holy crap, what is this?? What do I do??" And that needs to stop being a thing.

So. December. A post a day. Not much time to worry or self-censor, cos it's gotta go up! This definitely wouldn't work for Feminist Fiction, cos those blog posts take a lot more time, but it'll work here!

And I thought, for the first one, we'd do something a little bit simple. What are your guys' goals for December? Mine, on top of this blogging one, are:

1. Finish the third draft of my current WIP

My untitled project for 2016! I'll be honest, I'm not where I would have wanted to be with it, thanks to the same problems that caused the blogging freeze. But I have two drafts done, and am doing a final big December push to finish off the third! And even though I'm not sure the words themselves are right yet, I'm still in love with the heart of it. And the more I work at it, the more good things are starting to peek out from under the surface. Fingers crossed, it'll be a project I can share with you all one day.

What can I tell you guys now? Not much, except it currently has multiple first-person POVs, which is definitely a new thing for me. And that it doesn't have a title yet.

Speaking of...

2. Come up with a decent working title for this book

I can't keep calling it "that book thing."  I thought I had a few ideas, but I just looked at that list, and I hate them all, so back to the drawing board, I guess! I miss Long May She Reign, when I came up with the title while the story was nothing more than a three sentence pitch on a page of possible ideas I scribbled down one day.

3. Stay offline

Well not, you know, 100% offline, since I need to get work email and blog and watch Youtube (the most important thing on the list). But no social media. No random internet browsing. Just, gasp, some actual peace! I might write about this later on, cos I have a loooot of complicated feelings about it, but the Internet and I have been on the outs for months now, and I'm never happier than when I convince myself to turn it off.

4. Watch at least four Disney movies

Because that's what Christmas is all about! I can't wait to see Moana, and obviously Frozen is a must. And then I haven't seen Tangled and the live-action Cinderella in ages, so those might be on the cards too.

5. Learn to play Winter Song by Sara Bareilles on the ukulele

Because I love it, and the song isn't very hard. I just need to practice, instead of playing Taylor Swift songs all the time because I already know how to play them.

6. Do a pirouette without wobbling

Look, I'm still a total beginner at ballet, okay? And this is the level I'm at. Almost, but not quite, able to pirouette. I get most of the way around, but then I wobble and end up putting my foot down in the wrong place. But one day. One day.

7. Take a break!

Run away with us for the summer, let's go upstate. But no, actually. I'm planning to stop writing on by the 18th, and not do any blogging or checking email or anything on the week between Christmas and New Year. I will just listen to Hamilton on repeat and play video games and maybe, like, sleep and stuff. Yay! I predict I will last two days before I start insisting that I just need to go and write for a little bit, just to get down one little thing. We'll see.