So, uh, did anyone have a good time this month? I swear, this political chaos seems to have fed into life crises for almost everyone I know. This really was a month for not getting much done, except perhaps worrying. I got a lot of that done. But here's my little update summary for the month.

November Writing


November Books


I really wasn't in the right headspace for reading this month. I didn't finish a single book until about a week ago. But in the last few days, as I was house-bound with a cold, I got through these three books:

  • A Thousand Nights by E.K. Johnston. A lush, magically reimagining of Arabian Nights. Amazing.
  • Something in Between by Melissa de la Cruz. Really important exploration of undocumented immigration, but the end was a bit too deus ex-machina for me.
  • Under Rose-Tainted Skies by Louise Gornall. An excellent look at agoraphobia, and probably the best YA book tackling mental illness I've ever read.

November Television


  • I finally tuned into Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and became utterly obsessed. I wasn't sold on the concept, but it's so funny and smart and cutting and feminist. I love everything about it, and now I'm sad that I've run out of episodes to marathon through and now have to wait patiently for more like everyone else.
  • Gilmore Girls. Obviously, Gilmore Girls. My quick thoughts? I ended up marathoning it all in one go and crying a lot. Generally, I thought it was excellent, and I'm glad they did it, buuut I have some issues with Rory's plotline that I'll dig into in more depth on Feminist Fiction soon.


November Games


  • In the Steam sale, I picked up The Royal Trap, which is a visual novel from Hanako Games, creators of the absolutely awesome Long Live The Queen. (If you haven't played that, omg, get it! It's fantastic!). I didn't like the game as much as Long Live The Queen, and I really missed the stat-building-y, resource management-y element, but The Royal Trap had some really interesting plotlines and revelations. Sadly, the first plotline is probably the least interesting, but once you dive into the more obscure storylines, there's loads of fun to be had.


Looking Ahead

  • December means Christmas! Also, deadlines. Also, hopefully, maybe, some time offline, reading all those books I meant to read this year but haven't got around to yet. I've got the first episode of The Crown on in the background as I write this, and I'm about to start reading The Long Way To A Small Angry Planet, which I picked up randomly at the bookstore because it kind of sounds like Firefly.
  • Hope you all have a great end to the year! <3