To everyone wondering about my absence this past month: yes! I am still alive! Yay for still being alive. Just been sorting out some Life Stuff. And drinking a lot of pumpkin spice lattes. Both very important and time-consuming things. :P  

September Writing

  • I didn't write much in September, to be honest. At least, not where anyone could see! I did share the first few chapters of my post-Long May She Reign project with another human being, to get confirmation that it's, you know, written in recognizable English and didn't make her want to gouge her own eyes out so she wouldn't have to keep reading. And she didn't! So that was a success, at least!
  • On Feminist Fiction, I wrote about Robin Hobb's Liveship Trader series, and why you should DEFINITELY 100% read it, right now.
  • On this blog, I wrote about some of my favorite finds while volunteering in a charity bookshop. My favorite thing since I wrote that? "Knit your own royal wedding." I mean, what more could anyone want in a book?


September Books


  • The Mad Ship by Robin Hobb. My new favourite fantasy series. You need to read it.
  • Ship of Destiny  by Robin Hobb. No, seriously. It's amazing. Althea Vestrit is my queen.
  • Empire of Storms by Sarah J Maas. Not as good as Queen of Shadows, but still addictive fantasy reading.


  • A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir. Didn't enjoy this one as much as the first, but I loved Helene's POV. Moral complexity, yay!
  • All Laced Up by Erin Fletcher. Super cute contemporary ice-skating romance! Perfect chill-out book after all that dark fantasy.


September Television


  • I'm rewatching Gilmore Girls in preparation for the GREAT GILMORE GIRLS REUNION 2016 next month. My main observation so far is that Dean is really, really different in S1. He likes books! He's actually compatible with Rory! He definitely got shafted, character-wise, once Jess came into the picture.
  • NB: after writing that, I watched the gif-ed episode about the Donna Reed show, and I've changed my mind. Get lost, Dean, with your 1950s housewife ideals.
  • I remain obsessed with Critical Role. If you're not watching this show... why are you not watching this show??? It's my absolute favorite thing right now. Nerdy voice actors play Dungeons and Dragons, and it is hilarious and plot-twisty and compelling and oh-so-addictive. Watch it, watch it, watch it.
  • I'm in an awkward mood right now, where I kind of don't want to catch up on my fall shows yet. I love Brooklyn 99 and Jane the Virgin, but I'm kind of just in the mood for marathoning things these days. Getting back into a story and just watching it for an hour a week, at most, again? Nah. I'll wait til Christmas.
  • BAKEOFF. Why is the world so cruel?


September Games


  • I finally got a 3DS. My regular old DS broke in about 2011, and I've been too much of a PC gamer to replace it since. But I really, really wanted to play Pokemon after the whole Pokemon Go thing, and now I am all 3DS-ed up! And playing Pokemon Yellow, because it was the first Pokemon game I ever got and I was obsessed with it when I was 11. My current team is Pikachu, Nidorino, Nidorina, Vulpix, Wartortle, and Diglett. And yes, I know that's a less than ideal team, but I'm trying to use Pokemon I haven't used before (Wartortle will get booted for Lapras as soon as possible, sorry Wartortle), and I'm only up to Celadon City anyway.


Looking Ahead


  • Fall! Pumpkins! Skeletons! Halloweeeeen!! I love it. Time for my annual attempt to pretend that I'm not TERRIFIED by anything horror-related.
  • I'm hoping this is going to be a busy month, in a good way. I've spent a lot of time thinking and prepping and not actually working, and now I have Plans (TM). A revision plan for this book I'm working on. A blogging plan for Feminist Fiction. A plan to drink as many pumpkin spice lattes and wear as much plaid as possible. Lots of plans! Good plans! Fall plans! I'm trying to stay off Twitter, and off the Internet in general (some days are more successful than others...), but there should be blog posts, and lots of writing, and hopefully maybe even something that resembles a novel by the end of it all.