A Few Long May She Reign FAQs

I've been getting a few questions about Long May She Reign, so I thought I'd make a quick post with some answers. :) What genre is Long May She Reign?

It's a fantasy novel!

So it's all about magic?

Not really. It's more a fantasy in the Game of Thrones sense (maybe some magic in the world, but most people don't believe in it) than the Lord of the Rings sense.

Is it SCI-FI and fantasy? Because you say Freya is a scientist.

Definitely not futuristic sci-fi, although it's not medieval fantasy either. Think more 18th century -- an era where people are starting to discover what we'd think of as modern science.

Is it like the TV show, Reign?

Sadly, there are no Gothic monsters hiding in the forest or gloriously anachronistic headbands in this book. But it is the story of a teenager trying to figure out how to be queen, with far less background in ruling than Mary Stuart has. And, obviously, murder is very much on people's minds.

Is it truly a standalone?

Yes! I mean, the world doesn't end on the final page of the novel, so I'd never say never to telling another tale in that universe, but it was written as a standalone, and it tells a complete story.

Will it be available in countries other than the US?

So far, the rights have only been sold in US and Canada -- although, of course, places like Amazon, Wordery and the Book Depository make that kinda moot if you want an English language version.

Could you send a reviewer copy to me?

Sadly, I can't. Partly because I live in England, and it costs me about $10 per book to mail them back to the US (which adds up pretty darn quickly), and partly because I don't even have any reviewer copies myself yet, because of that aforementioned living-in-England thing. But there will be a giveaway or two nearer the time, and any giveaway organized by me will always be open internationally. If you're a reviewer, I recommend contacting HarperTeen instead.