July Writing


July Books


  • Ummm, I barely read ANYTHING this month. I actually don't know what happened, looking back. But I reread Chamber of Secrets and Prisoner of Azkaban, and am loving listening to the audio books read by Stephen Fry again.

July Television


  • I just finished jumping on the bandwagon and watching Stranger Things on Netflix. I must admit, I don't know a lot about 80s horror, because I'm a total wimp,  but I loved all the D&D elements in the show, and thought Eleven was fantastic. Yes, the finale episode made me ugly-cry. Maybe I'll write about it -- not sure yet.
  • Game of Thrones S6! I caught up with the show again, after swearing I never would, and really enjoyed it. It didn't always make sense, and dammit why isn't Sansa queen, but it was good fun.


July Adventures


  • Cursed Child!!!! I saw Cursed Child in London, and it was a-may-zing. I don't even have words for how spectacular it was. Just the experience of watching this new Harry Potter story, surrounded by a thousand other nerds also watching it for the first time... the shared gasps and laughs and tears... the show made me fall in love with Scorpius Malfoy and cry like I haven't cried over a story since Harry walked into the Forest in Deathly Hallows, and I loved it. I wish I could go see it again right now.
  • I also went to Hampton Court Palace, aka Henry VIII's favorite palace, which is perfect for any Tudor nerd. We explored some Tudor kitchens, where some re-enactors were cooking, and took a strange but really fun "tour" with Jane Boleyn and Thomas Culpepper, re-enacting the fall of Catherine Howard.
  • I've taken a lot of steps in Pokemon GO. I'm Level 15 now, with 38km walked, and 59 Pokemon caught. And I'm still miles behind everyone else, it seems! Biggest triumph was a Dragonair caught by the river last Thursday night. It's possible it might have been a sketchy area, but since there were armies of Pokemon trainers about trying to catch the same Dragonair, I think it was OK.


Looking Ahead


  • After kind of a hectic July (London trip, close friend's wedding, endless dentist drama), I'm kind of looking forward to a chill August. I'm still recovering from the bout of depression that knocked me out for pretty much the whole first half of the year, so I'm taking it easy, but hoping (hoping!) to really get deep into my new WIP that I've been technically working on since February but only really got back into properly a couple of weeks ago. Maybe England will be kind and provide lots of sun for reading in the park -- I want to continue my Harry Potter reread, reread the Throne of Glass series, and also tackle some non-fiction. And a nice day trip or two is definitely in order!
  • But yeah, if I start tweeting a LOT, you know I'm procrastinating on writing this first draft, so please tell me to get back to work. :P
  • Also, expect lots of Harry Potter posts on Feminist Fiction. I'm kind of obsessed right now!


Until next time, have this song from Tessa Violet and Dodie Clarke that I've been listening to pretty endlessly recently.

Much love! <3