Thoughts from a Harry Potter Reread: Chamber of Secrets Edition

I'm seeing Cursed Child at the end of the month, which means it's time for my first full Harry Potter reread since Deathly Hallows came out! Obviously, I have some thoughts. Chamber of Secrets was always my least favorite of the books, and the one I've read the least. So a lot of stuff stuck out to me this time. Like...


1. Evil Brother: are we supposed to assume that Percy is opening the Chamber of Secrets before the big reveal? The book seemed to go out of its way to make him look Really Suspicious.


2. Possessed by Voldemort: As a kid, I never realized how sad Ginny's story is in Chamber of Secrets. She's only 11, and she's possessed by Voldemort. She tells Voldemort all of her feelings and her secrets, and because she unwittingly confides in him, he steals her soul and forces her to do terrible things, including attacking Hermione. Poor, poor Ginny.

3. Voldenerd: Did Tom Riddle sit in his classes playing with anagrams of his name until he found one that was suitably sinister? Voldemort is laaame, guy.


4. Or worse, expelled! Why isn't Hagrid permitted to start using magic legally again after he's proven innocent? Why wasn't he given a real trial? Why isn't ANYONE given a real trial? The magical world's law enforcement is messed up, yo. Do they even have police, or just dark-wizard-catching Aurors?


5. Speaking of "not fair": why are students allowed to use their own broom in Hogwarts Quidditch matches? Shouldn't there be some sort of standard school brooms to prevent people like Harry from getting professional level brooms and wiping the floor with everyone?


6. Vanishing Hints: I think the Vanishing Cabinets from Half-Blood Prince appear twice in Chamber of Secrets -- once when Harry hides in a cupboard in Borgin & Burkes, and once when Nearly Headless Nick convinces Peeves to drop and break a vanishing cabinet over Filch's office. So, basically, the only reason the Vanishing Cabinet needs fixing before the Death Eaters can use it is because Harry traipsed mud through the castle after Quidditch practice as a twelve year old.


7. Hogwarts options: A question worth giving a lot of thought to. What would you choose to study in third year? I think I'd pick Arithmancy and Ancient Runes, because I'm a nerd like that.


8. Sassy!Harry: Seriously, Harry is so underappreciated. He's so snarky, and I love it.

And now, it's time for the angst of Prisoner of Azkaban!