Starting Again

About a year ago, I shut down the blog part of my author website, because... well, because I needed a break, really. 2015 was an intense year for me, and 2016 has been the same. My first novel hit the shelves, I had to write my first book sold on contract (what if my editor didn't like it??), and I had a lot of Big Questions, like What Does It Mean To Be An Author Online? And, What Do I Even Want To Do Right Now Anyway? Not quite "what is the meaning of life?", but enough that writing here became a bit confusing, and it was the commitment that had to go, at least while I cleared my head.

But I've cleared my head for a year now, and I miss writing here. I've played with all the different social media platforms, but in the end, I'm a writer, and nothing beats a good long written ramble for me. I've been an internet oversharer since the days of Livejournal, and I have thoughts to share.

If you'd visited my website before, you might notice that there's a lot less of it now than there was before. That's an experiment too, inspired by the idea that busyness just makes everything far more stressful and confusing than it needs to be. I'm trying this whole "simplicity" thing in my life (definitely more on that later), and I wanted the website to reflect that. Hopefully there's still everything you might need here.

Plus now there's a blog. Again. So what can you expect? Well, not thoughts on feminism in fiction, that's for sure -- for that, head over to my other website. But there'll be other stuff. Things about writing! And books! Thoughts about dealing with anxiety as a writer. Life adventurers from Ye Olde England, where I live. Just -- my brain, basically, in word form on the internet.